More and more Human Resources departments are using IT automation to improve the entire employee on-boarding experience and enhance personnel management within their organization. From streamlining and automating the employee on-boarding process to managing day-to-day activities like time-card reporting, expenses management, and employee performance, manual processes can be automated to improve efficiency.

Additionally, many IT systems need to be provisioned for access for a new hire. These include ERP systems, Time Management, and Expense systems as well as CRM and Payroll and often many others. Streamlining this on-boarding process and increasing its efficiency is a major objective of many HR leaders and CIOs.

StreamForce developed a quick-start program to rapidly integrate the complete HRMS process depicted in the diagram below using best practices and API models. SFS templates help to map objects and fields across systems like Oracle, Salesforce, AD, ADP, Benefits, Concur, JIRA and NetSuite / Oracle ERP using Workato integration platform. The API and data model is designed based on HR-XML which helps standardization and reusable canonical models.