Improve business, revenue and productivity,

and get deep insights into 360 degree view of your customer

with the help of our integration services

With Business applications running on Cloud, and legacy systems running on premise, it is very critical for an organization to ensure business processes are integrated across enterprise applications. Integrating your systems can make your team more efficient.

Integration is one of the critical components to achieve Customer 360 degree

We design and architect integration solutions with key principles of

Single Source of Truth (SSOT)
With one single location, data is aggregated from many different systems within an organization. This helps to ensure that all members of an organization are operating off the same data.
Customer 360
Integrating all your data means you have better insights of your customer issues, habits, trends and customer health with proper data/process integration.
Integration Expertise
StreamForce has deep iPaaS platform experience in Workato and is a trusted partner. We can integrate various enterprise systems/applications to automate business processes with no manual data entry.