Dealerware – Revenue CloudAutomobile & Dealer Management

Dealerware provides advanced fleet management services that cater to modern retailers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our solution enables dealerships to optimize their programs, minimize costs, and enhance the customer experience. Say goodbye to manual expense management and paperwork – Dealerware automates the most time-consuming tasks related to loaner cars and other fleet services.

  • Austin, TX
  • 120+ employees
  • Enterprise software
Services Provided
  • Enterprise Services
  • Revenue Cloud – SF & NetSuite/ Suite Billing
  • Integration
  • Slow Billing Process, it took Dealerware two full days each month to complete billing. And this would often put a strain on their customer relationships—dealerships want to be able to close their books in a timely manner, which meant any delays in invoices decreased customer satisfaction.
  • Customer experience friction due to delays in generating invoice & submission, errors in invoice amounts and sometimes dupe invoices.
  • High software and maintenance costs, effort needed to adopt process change was significant.
  • Legacy systems not scalable for the growing business.
  • Manual Processes.
  • StreamForce performed health check on the lead to revenue processes and recommended to optimize Salesforce and NetSuite with IPaaS platform of Workato.
  • Automated integrations across Salesforce, Netsuite, Subscription tools – Suite Billing, Snowflake with Workato.
  • Designed a framework on NetSuite and Suite billing to automate integrations with Subscriptions and Product automations.
  • Automated invoice and billing processes with error free which improved overall Customer satisfaction.
  • Workato development.
  • Snowflake redesign and data feeds to NetSuite.
  • Automate and streamline Opportunity to Revenue Process.
  • Salesforce – trusted source of customer data.
  • Re-design and Optimize Usage based pricing model in Suite Billing.
  • Improved Customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Faster invoice processing gives customers ample time to close their books and the new, usage-based pricing model offers more transparency into how that invoice was generated. In short, The solution allows for “less manual intervention and more speed, with accuracy.

Testimonial : “Dealerware/Silvercar could not have had a successful integration without StreamForce. StreamForce team have been an integral part of the success of this project. Any time of the day, Team is there to answer questions or listen to concerns. We could not have done this project without StreamForce!”.