Dealerware – Revenue CloudAutomobile & Dealer Management

Dealerware provides advanced fleet management services that cater to modern retailers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our solution enables dealerships to optimize their programs, minimize costs, and enhance the customer experience. Say goodbye to manual expense management and paperwork – Dealerware automates the most time-consuming tasks related to loaner cars and other fleet services.

  • Austin, TX
  • 120+ employees
  • Enterprise software
Services Provided
  • Enterprise Services
  • Revenue Cloud – SF & NetSuite/ Suite Billing
  • Integration
  • Slow Billing Process, it took Dealerware two full days each month to complete billing. And this would often put a strain on their customer relationships—dealerships want to be able to close their books in a timely manner, which meant any delays in invoices decreased customer satisfaction
  • Customer experience friction due to delays in generating invoice & submission, errors in invoice amounts and sometimes dupe invoices
  • High software and maintenance costs, effort needed to adopt process change was significant
  • Legacy systems not scalable for the growing business
  • Manual Processes
  • Automate and streamline Opportunity to Revenue Process
  • Salesforce – trusted source of customer data
  • Re-design and Optimize Usage based pricing model in Suite Billing
  • Improved Customer experience and satisfaction
  • Faster invoice processing gives customers ample time to close their books and the new, usage-based pricing model offers more transparency into how that invoice was generated. In short, The solution allows for “less manual intervention and more speed, with accuracy