As a NASDAQ-listed company (NASDAQ: ASUR), Asure takes a business owner’s perspective when it comes to Human Capital Management (HCM). Our goal is to assist over 60,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in developing their “Human Capital,” ensuring compliance, and leveraging their time, money, and technology towards expansion. Our comprehensive Asure HCM solution features Asure Payroll & Tax, Asure HR, and Asure Time & Attendance, while our Asure HRServices offering provides access to online compliance tools and fully outsourced HR departments.

  • Austin, TX
  • 500+ employees
  • Payroll & HR
Services Provided
  • Enterprise Development Partner
  • M & A
  • Systems Transformation
  • Legacy Org with heavy technical debt
  • Poor data quality without right level of guard-rails
  • Sales Reps spends greater amount of time on closing the deal
  • Manual Processes for Implementation team, resulting in data errors
  • Non-standard integration across RevOps tech stack
  • Scalability issues for the Service and Sales Cloud
  • Implemented data cleansing and enrichment solution
  • Outcome based Sales Process Design for different market segments
  • Enabled new Go-To-Market engine with end to end management of Leads, Optimized Opportunity Management and Forecasting, Quoting capabilities
  • Refreshed Customer Community to increase Customer Self-Service/case deflection
  • Standardized data models
  • Streamlined Approval Processes
  • Greater data integrity and improved reporting

Asure enhances cross-functional collaboration and process uniformity through system-enabled capabilities, resulting in more predictable outcomes. The company ensures that marketing contributions are accurately captured and sales teams operate more efficiently, while streamlining quote approvals to reduce time spent on deal reviews and commissions. As a result, teams can focus more on their customers, knowing that their processes are optimized for success.