Patient to Revenue TransformationPatient Revenue Process

Kipu Health provides a comprehensive platform tailored to meet the specific needs of addiction treatment and mental health professionals. Its cloud-based solutions, which include electronic health records, patient engagement, and billing, offer multiple levels of care to behavioral health and addiction treatment centers. By utilizing Kipu Health’s platform, professionals gain full control of their documentation, which allows them to devote more time to patient care and less time on administration.

  • Miami, FL
  • 200-500 employees
  • Healthcare
Services Provided
  • Systems Transformation
  • M & A
  • Managed Services
  • TCV, a leading investment firm acquired Kipu Health and as part of M & A Process, StreamForce partnered with TCV Operating partner group to execute system transformation program.
  • Manual Processes Kipu Health required manually entering data into multiple systems to manage their quotes, assets and subscriptions, contracts, and invoicing causing a significant reduction in productivity. This process was necessary in order to transfer the information from the quoting to the contract and invoicing systems.
  • Demand for Automation Kipu Health sought to integrate its systems and automate processes to reduce the need for data entry into multiple systems, and to increase the reliability of its asset management, contracting and invoicing process.
  • Legacy Systems Kipu has been using legacy systems with monolithic architectures using MS Dynamics for Sales Processes and was dealing with longer sales cycle, no automations were designed as well.
  • Initiated Systems transformations Program and started with Lead to Revenue health check.
  • Architected and Implemented GTM tech stack using Marketo, Sales Cloud, CPQ and Integrated with Financial Force, Billing Platform, Netsuite, YasPay for automating finance processes.
  • Standardized CSM processes in the platform.
  • Resigned and Optimized Customer Support Processes on Zendesk, 8X8, Survey toolings.
  • Automated CLM Processes for Contract management using Malbek.
  • Migrated MS Dynamics CRM data and artifacts to Salesforce Platform.
  • Designed a foundation platform for Customer 360 models.
  • Built the foundation to drive cross functional collaboration.
  • Greater efficiency for sellers, allowing them to focus on selling vs admin and “workaround” type activities 360-degree view of the customer in SFDC.
  • Upsells and cross-sells can be contracted anytime.
  • Streamlined the approval process including implementing DealDesk.
  • Greater data integrity and improved reporting, opening the door to more easily prospect and close new business, cross-sell products, and upsell into a larger portion of our current customers.
  • Data standardization and reduced Customer data issues which resulted in improved invoice processing.
  • StreamForce partnered with business owners to streamline and automate lead to revenue process across all functional departments including Finance with enterprise systems of Marketo, Sales Cloud, CPQ and integrated dozen plus systems of CLM, PSA, ERP, Billing and AR systems.
  • The integrated systems provided faster & accurate quote creation, reduced manual data entry, improved productivity for Sales and CSMs, allowing them to focus more on selling and improved data hygiene. With automated solution, Kipu is able to generate invoices accurately and delivered to their customers on-time.