Lead to Revenue Optimization and IntegrationEducation Administration Program

Watermark, like many software companies, recognized the need to establish a strong foundation to support their growth and scalability. As a part of this transformation, StreamForce provided Watermark with critical capabilities to standardize data, streamline sales and support processes across various product lines, and automate renewals as part of optimizing their Lead to Cash processes. The program was delivered under budget and ahead of schedule, accelerating Watermark’s journey towards operational excellence.

  • New York City, NY
  • 500+ employees
  • Education software
Services Provided
  • Enterprise Transformation Services
  • M & A
  • Customer 360
  • Poor data quality resulting from legacy M&A activities
  • Inconsistent processes across siloed operations
  • Manual reports / consolidation of data with powerpoint as the source of truth
  • Over-investment in BI initiatives with data transformation masking operational issues
  • No integration connecting sales and finance systems


  • Implemented data cleansing and enrichment solution
  • Enabled new Go-To-Market engine with end to end management of Leads, Optimized Opportunity Management and Forecasting, advanced CPQ/quoting capabilities (Asset/Subscriptions/Automated Renewals, sophisticated, yet flexible product pricing and bundle configuration, automated sales order/contract generation)
  • Replaced data lake, ETL and reporting package with a lower cost BI solution to enable end users to build reports from a consistent data set
  • Refreshed Customer Community to increase Customer Self-Service/case deflection, including single sign on and chat capabilities
  • Implemented IPaaS solution to drive consistency in integrations of 15+ cloud solutions


Watermark has achieved greater predictability in its results through cross-functional collaboration and standardized processes enabled by integrated systems. The company has improved its marketing attribution and sales efficiency, resulting in a more effective go-to-market strategy. Automated quote approvals have reduced deal review times and commission processing. Customer success teams now have more time to focus on their customers, rather than on renewal paperwork. With seamless system integration, Watermark has a complete 360-degree view of its customers, driving upsells and cross-sells. Invoice generation is now automated and accurate, thanks to direct data transfer from the sales system. Overall, streamlined processes have allowed Watermark teams to concentrate on their core focus, which is their customers.