LumenvoxAutomobile & Dealer Management

Lumenvox is an industry-leading provider of speech recognition and voice authentication software.  20 years of illuminating voices and transforming customer communication. Our flexible, affordable technology enables you to effortlessly build secure self-service and customer-agent interactions. Our full suite of speech and voice authentication technology, helps you establish strong customer relations with speed and safety. We’re the ideal partner for you, because you and your customers come first.

  • San Diego, CA
  • 100-200
  • Technology
Services Provided
  • Healthcheck – Salesforce and Business Processes
  • Salesforce CPQ Implementation
  • Integration
  • Data Migration for CPQ
  • From Manual Processes and Excel to CPQ Lumenvox has been using manual processes /excel to create quotes and pricing calculations in their unique pricing model. The challenge was time spent in effective quote, pricing, version control and subscription/contract reporting. As they grew and build their business, gathering Excel worksheets for reporting for their business was unsustainable.
  • Demand for Automation Part of any subscription business is the ability to contract, renew and amend contracts and subscriptions. With Excel worksheets, none of this was possible. With CPQ, Lumenvox created an automated process to renew their hardwon contracts.
  • Customer Purchased Products, the current systems and processes does not show accurate data of Customer purchased products, Usage in a systematic way.
  • CPQ with its incredible pricing configuration abilities and built in quote templates allowed Lumenvox the ability to easily generate up-to-date quotes with their unique pricing structure. Built with special lookup tables and automation to determine the prices based on different criteria inputted by the Sales Representative, we better equipped the Lumenvox team with the ability to create equivalent quotes to their Excel worksheet but with the ability to grow as their business grows including the ability to integrate to CLM and document signing.