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LumenVox is a leading provider of carrier-grade voice technology for organizations around the world. Its software makes the customer experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with applications and systems. Every day, millions of users, and thousands of businesses experience LumenVox within proven speech applications.

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  • From Manual Processes and Excel to CPQ. Lumenvox was using Excel to create quotes and various sheets for pricing calculations based on their unique pricing model which included both usage and platform pricing. The challenge for the company included time wasted in ensuring that reps created correctly priced quote, maintaining version control, subscription/contract reporting, Sales Enablement training, and difficulty in updating pricing models. As their business grew, it was unsustainable to forecast, report, and pivot in a timely manner with quotes operating outside the CRM.
  • Demand for Automation Part of any subscription business is the ability to contract, renew and amend contracts and subscriptions. With Excel worksheets, it was extremely difficult and time consuming to correctly renew and amend contracts and subscriptions. With CPQ, Lumenvox created an automated process to renew their contracts as well as maintaining flexibility in their order/fulfillment processes.
  • Customer Purchased Products, the current systems and processes did not show accurate and timely data of Customers’ entitlements, usages, fulfillments, and subscriptions.
  • CPQ, renowned for its exceptional pricing configuration capabilities and integrated quote templates, empowered Lumenvox to effortlessly produce current quotes tailored to their distinctive pricing model.
  • The system was designed with specialized lookup tables and automation features that enable price determination based on various criteria entered by Sales Representatives.
  • This enhancement significantly improved Lumenvox’s ability to create quotes equivalent to those in their Excel worksheets. Furthermore, it ensured scalability to accommodate their business growth while seamlessly integrating with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and document signing processes.

Lumenvox successfully overcame their challenges by implementing CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions:

  • Streamlined Processes: Reduced manual work and Excel use. Efficient quote creation and pricing. Enhanced version control. Improved Contract Management.
  • Automated contract renewals. Seamless contract amendments. Accurate Data Tracking.
  • Systematic customer data and usage tracking. Informed decision-making. Scalability and Integration.
  • Flexible pricing configurations. Adaptable to business growth. Integrated with CLM and document signing.

Overall, CPQ transformed operations, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in their subscription-based business.

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