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Perceptyx combines employee surveys and analytics to provide insights for driving organizational progress. Unlike many surveys focused solely on measurement, Perceptyx’s tailored solution connects the dots between employee experience and business outcomes, enabling organizations to see more clearly, comprehend the bigger picture, and identify next steps. This effectiveness is evident in nearly one-third of the Fortune 100 relying on Perceptyx, with a 95% retention rate among organizations choosing their services.

  • Temecula, CA
  • 500+ employees
  • HR and Employee Engagement
  • Heavy technical debt and non scalable Apex.
  • Several Manual processes for managing Opportunities, Quoting, Renewals, and Amendments transactions which took significant amount of time from the Reps.
  • Difficult to price and configure products due to complex rules and calculations.
  • Unreliable and trustable customer data and issues
  • Struggling with duplicate Customer data
  • StreamForce performed health check on the GTM tech stack and provided a roadmap to define the future state architecture.
  • With the outcomes from health check, StreamForce standardised Sales Cloud and CPQ with our best practices enabled Sales and Quoting Processes which include CLM as well.
  • Leveraged Salesforce standard functionality to automate processes for Renewals, Amendments and Subscriptions. This improved productivity for Sales Reps and CSMs to focus on core responsibilities instead of spending several hours everyday to work on Salesforce. No excels and emails, full automation implemented.
  • StreamForce partnered with RevOps, Finance, CSM, Marketing & Customer Support and designed Customer 360 platform for future business growth and acquisition.
  • StreamForce engaged with the Customer for ongoing support and maintenance program.
  • System is designed to manage new pricing models and structures pretty easily.
  • Developed a foundation RevOps platform which helped to rapidly integrate 2-3 acquisitions made in the period of 2021-2023.
  • Established confedency for all the stakeholders on trustability on Customer data which includes products owned by them. This helped to build Customer 360 easily.
  • Overall productivity of the Reps, CSMs, RevOps team etc significantly improved that resulted in focusing their core business activities.
  • StreamForce’s responsiveness, expertise, and proficiency helped to reduce technical debt heavily which resulted in reducing the dependency on the technical team.
  • Perceptyx is enthusiastic about endorsing StreamForce for their Salesforce and CPQ implementation and administration services, emphasizing the critical role they played in Perceptyx’s success.

Testimonial : “StreamForce did a great job of cleaning up the mess made by the previous consultant… Perceptyx gladly recommends StreamForce for Salesforce and CPQ implementation and administration and could not have been successful without their assistance.”

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