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For more than 4 decades, SQAD LLC has provided media & advertising partners with trusted advertising cost intelligence & efficient software applications for research, analytics, and media planning.

  • Tarrytown, NY
  • 51-200 employees
  • Advertising Services
  • Heavy technical debt was present.
  • Extensive customization and non-value-added integrations were scattered throughout the Salesforce org.
  • Scalability was a challenge due to extensive and needless customizations and bottlenecks.
  • Limited number of experienced Salesforce resources on-hand.
  • Conducted a thorough evaluation of the existing Salesforce instance to identify technical debt areas, outdated customizations, and potential bottlenecks.
  • Streamlined and rationalized existing customizations, removing redundant or unnecessary components to simplify the system architecture and reduce technical debt.
  • Optimized configurations and introduced performance tuning measures to enhance scalability and mitigate performance issues, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Introduced a proactive managed services model, focusing on preventive maintenance, regular updates, and strategic planning to minimize future technical debt and associated costs.
  • Following a thorough evaluation, identified, and successfully addressed technical debt areas, outdated customizations, and potential bottlenecks, resulting in a more stable and efficient Salesforce instance.
  • Streamlined and rationalized existing customizations by eliminating redundant and unnecessary components. This simplification of the system architecture led to improved efficiency and reduced technical debt, allowing for easier maintenance and future updates.
  • Implemented optimized configurations and performance tuning measures, significantly enhancing the platform’s scalability. This resulted in the Salesforce environment being well-prepared to handle increased workloads, ensuring consistent performance and user satisfaction.
  • Successfully introduced a proactive managed services model, incorporating preventive maintenance, regular updates, and strategic planning. This approach minimized the accumulation of future technical debt and associated costs, ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of the Salesforce platform.

Client Testimonial: “I am delighted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience working with Streamforce. Their contribution has been instrumental in achieving our objectives and fostering continuous growth. From the outset, their team exhibited unparalleled knowledge and dedication, proving to be an invaluable asset to our endeavors. Their unwavering support and collaborative approach significantly enhanced our ability to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. I am truly impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend Streamforce to any prospective partners seeking a reliable and results-driven collaborator. Their impact on our success has been nothing short of remarkable.”

– Maria Patino, SQAD Salesforce Project Manager

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  • Salesforce Advisory Services
  • Salesforce CPQ
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