Education Cloud

At StreamForce, we recognize the significant role that Education Technology firms play in enhancing the educational experience for students, teachers, parents, and administrators. With a deep understanding of both K-12 and higher education, our team collaborates with EdTech companies and universities to optimize their business processes and achieve financial, operational, and institutional success, allowing them to focus on their core objective of improving the student learning experience.

Our partnership with Education Technology firms and institutes centers on transforming their current business technology to match their best-in-class Education Technology. Our team of experts brings a combined 30+ years of experience in the education sector and has a thorough understanding of the academic calendar, budget process, capital forecast, RFPs, and both the K-12 public education hierarchy as well as universities and department hierarchy.

By partnering with StreamForce, Education Technology firms and institutions gain access to a highly specialized team that can provide expert knowledge and support in areas such as:

  • System health assessment with data integrity and governance analysis
  • Development of recruiting, admissions, onboarding, and marketing automations and processes
  • Strategic operational improvements including integration with external systems
  • Our data experts helps to establish MDM constructs, Data Quality and Management System for better and accurate Student 360
  • Salesforce Certified experts to develop scalable custom solutions for your configuration
  • Team with deep knowledge in the education sector including experience in Campaigns, Recruiting, Admissions, Enrollment, Marketing & Sales Operations, Support, Finance and Analytics.
  • Provide best practice enabled Salesforce governance and change management processes