Intelligent Managed Support Services

Our Intelligent Managed Support Services offering focusses on business process optimization, unlocking value from the systems, improved agility and automation for faster releases of products and solutions for our customers.

We deliver streamlined operations, customized software solutions, and efficient DevOps principles with automated release processes including test automation to optimize efficiency, resulting in significant time and resource savings.

Key benefits expect from our offerings include:

  1. Cost Reduction: Streamlined processes and effective tech debt management directly impact your bottom line, ensuring noticeable cost savings.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Improved access management, swift issue resolution, and automation empower your team to focus on value-driven tasks.
  3. Expert Support & SLA Commitment: With our unwavering commitment to meeting SLAs and providing expert support, you can operate confidently, knowing that disruptions are minimized and stability is ensured.
  4. Scalable and Flexible Solutions: Our solutions adapt to your evolving needs, providing a competitive edge and long-term value creation.

By enhancing revenue streams, bolstering profit margins, and fostering employee and customer contentment, we orchestrate a symbiotic partnership that is conducive to success. We look forward to collaborating with you!



Cloud Managed Services



Our Capabilities

Managed Service proposition centered on achieving value and maximizing efficiency, leading to notable reductions in time and resources. Tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ businesses, we provide cost-effective solutions both onshore and offshore, leveraging various operational frameworks.

Engagement Models

Our engagement model presents a dynamic and cost-efficient Managed Service solution, prioritizing value realization and operational efficiency to deliver substantial time and resource economies. Addressing the diverse business needs of our clients, we offer both onshore and offshore solutions through a range of cost-effective operating models.

Dedicated Team

  • Dedicated Team 
  • Designed for high volume tickets & multi-cloud applications
  • Varied commercial options
  • Assured response and resolution SLAs
  • Flexible coverage
  • Blend of essential and adaptable services offered

Shared Resources

  • Shared support model with pooled resources
  • Ideal for low/medium -ticket environments
  • Adaptable pricing structures
  • Assured response SLAs
  • Fixed coverage scope
  • On-demand access to supplementary services

Blended Resources

  • Blended Support : Integrating dedicated and pooled workforce.
  • Suited for multi-cloud ticketing scenarios.
  • Adaptable pricing structures.
  • Ensured /Optimal response time commitments.
  • Supplementary services available upon request

Usage Based

  • Usage Based fee model
  • Pooled resources with a two-day response time and resolution time determined by estimation
  • Best for unknown support needs
  • No monthly hours or price commitment 
  • Essential and  supplementary services