What we do for Private Equity and VCs

StreamForce is specialized to propelling private equity and venture capital firms forward by enhancing their systems and processes. Our suite of services is designed to optimize digital transformation spend and standardize systems for a comprehensive Customer 360 view, ensuring that every investment moves closer to realizing its full potential.

Why StreamForce?

Decades of Experience

Our leadership team brings decades of experience working with Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists. We deeply understand the value creation provided by Technology and Operating Partners. We leverage this knowledge to design best practice-enabled business processes that improve the overall efficiency of portfolio companies.

Our Core Accelerators Include:

  • Best Practices Enabled Business Processes: Implement industry-leading practices to streamline business processes, ensuring efficiency and consistency across operations.
  • Quick Sales Accelerators: Speed up sales cycles and enhance revenue growth with streamlined approaches that bring products and services to market faster and more effectively.
  • Vision 360 for Customer Success: Develop a holistic view of the customer journey to enhance satisfaction and retention rates. This comprehensive approach ensures all customer interactions are optimized for success.
  • AI-Enabled Lead Qualification: Utilize advanced AI technologies to improve lead qualification processes, ensuring your sales teams focus their efforts on the most promising prospects.
  • Einstein AI : Customize and Configure Einstein or ChatGPT AI solutions to fit unique business needs, enhancing system capabilities and providing a competitive edge in digital transformation.

These accelerators are designed not just to streamline and enhance operations, but also to ensure a precise and comprehensive understanding of customer interactions, paving the way for successful implementations and rapid value creation.

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Why are we the right fit?Why are we the right fit?

  • Full enterprise application and technology support – all organizations getting their start or recently acquired have similar needs to operationalize and begin generating provable value. With StreamForce, you can architect, optimize, deploy, and maintain infrastructure to accelerate this growth and improvement.
  • Front- and back-of-house expertise – StreamForce can partner with your organization to support the top-of-pipeline sales, marketing, success, and go-to-market motions while providing finance, engineering, and legal tech support. Round out the competencies of your new teams and ensure a smooth path to value.
  • Managed by a single point of contact – Our program managers and BAs specialize in understanding the unique business requirements of each new company – while providing best practices and expertise to support the standard challenges all businesses share.