Vision 360 – Customer Success Solution

StreamForce Solutions offers a comprehensive solution to improve Customer Success Management by providing an Omni-channel experience for engaging with customers at every stage of their journey, all within the Salesforce instance. With Vision360, you can get real-time context without waiting for integration with other tools, and manage all your conversations across different teams in a single thread.

Our Customer Success experience, built entirely within Salesforce using best practices, simplifies workflows and eliminates the need for separate licensing with different products. Your teams can work in one place, within one system, and all with the customer journey in mind.

StreamForce’s approach allows your teams to stay focused on customer success by providing a simplified workflow and a unified view of customer data. Our expertise in Salesforce’s APIs and other technologies enables us to integrate data from proprietary systems and export it to visualization tools for comprehensive reporting.

Solution Features:
  • Customer 360 – Give your Customer Success team the insight that they deserve. Pull in all the data that you want to give your Customer Success team to successfully complete their success plans.
  • Renewal Center – One stop shop where your Customer Success team can look at their book of business and plan their day, week, month or even year.
  • Activity Tracking –With all the teams being in Salesforce, they can simply look at the activities to see who has touched the contact and how to approach to successfully nurture the account.
  • Customized Email Cadences – Simple, clean, and easy. Automatically send merged emails to customers on a schedule. Select the cadence, who you want it sent to, and let the system do the rest.
  • 3rd Party Integration – Whether it’s Pendo or AWS or Google, if it connects to Salesforce, we can integrate it. No need to reinvent the wheel when we can piggyback off the most popular CRM in the world and their investment in their APIs ecosystem
  • Survey Tooling -Leverage Salesforce’s survey tool or add a different survey tool to gather the CSAT and NPS to let the team know how they are doing!
  • Success Plans – Easy to configure, design and customize Success Plans
  • No need for a CS tool administrator!  Current Salesforce administrator can manage it with the existing skills.
  • Provides Standard dashboards and reports for the CSM personas.

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