Reimagined Education: Empowering Student and Institutional Success

At StreamForce, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by educational institutions and EdTech companies. Our mission is to empower these organizations with agile, technology-driven solutions that support lifelong learning experiences for students. By partnering with StreamForce, educational institutions can achieve unparalleled success through digital transformation, optimized operations, and innovative educational technologies.

Education Expertise:

Our Consulting Team has 17 years of experience in the education sector, covering K-12 public and private schools, higher education, special education schools, virtual online schools, and learning centers.

Our Founders and leadership team have extensive experience in the Education portfolio – Newsela, Watermark, Berlitz, Labster, Rave Mobile Safety and in the past they worked with several large EdTech Companies like PowerSchool, Harvard, Blackboard etc.

We specialize in Education Cloud, Data Cloud, Einstein AI along with Core Clouds like Sales & Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud (CPQ + Billing), and Experience Cloud solutions, offering a holistic approach for any type of school system.


Sales & Billing using CPQ+ Billing Growth

  • Simplify registration and student fees with Salesforce CPQ.
  • Process invoices and payments using the Billing Growth addition.
  • Automate invoicing  process for course fees and registration

Education Cloud Setup & Customization

  • Configure and Customize Education Cloud to meet your school’s needs.
  • Handle registration and course enrollments efficiently.
  • Monitor student progress with customized Student Success functionalities

Recruitment & Admission

  • Manage student applications, tasks, and appointments
  • Manage & Track RFI and Omni channel to route RFI requests
  • Setup Scoring for the the likelihood of a prospective learner enrolling into your institute

Self Service Portals

  • Setup self service portals for student, faculty, operations staff
  • Enable self service registration, course scheduling, setup communications
  • Enable students to pay course fees through self service portals.


  • Schedule students into courses based on availability and needs
  • Setup appointment scheduling with counselors & teachers through portals
  • Manage faculty and students calendars for effective scheduling

Alumni Maintenance

  • Maintain relationships with alumni and engage them ongoing basis
  • Enable fundraising framework to support advancement and gifts
  • Customize Alumni framework for 360 view of students journey to alumni



StreamForce automated Labster’s sales process, simplifying contracts, invoices, and licensing for efficient data management and cost savings.

Lead to Revenue Optimization and Integration

StreamForce improved Watermark’s collaboration, streamlining sales quoting, upsells, cross-sells, and enhancing project and ticket management.

K-12 & Higher Ed – Systems Transformation

StreamForce enhanced Newsela’s operations with a discount editor, streamlining quotes, optimizing Salesforce for efficiency, and targeting strategies.