Digital transformation require businesses to transform rapidly to connect every customer interaction or touchpoint to a Customer relationship management system. Often, Customers use a variety of systems and business application to manage and execute core business processes such as marketing, sales, quoting, Customer support and success, operations, finance and more. Customer 360 is one of the feature needed in every deployment to get visibility into state of customer.

StreamForce provides rapid implementation to digitalize and automate lead to revenue process, Our accelerators designed with best practices in the whole customer journey right from acquisition to revenue recognition shown in the diagram and helps to improve process efficiencies, increased selling in net new, cross/upsell, renewals while improving customer digital engagement.

At StreamForce, we have been suggesting and advising our customers for fully automated and integrated Salesforce system for getting Customer 360 just in real-time. We bring together Marketing, Sales, Quoting, Pricing, Billing, Renewals, Inventory, Customer Service, Customer Success and other critical business functions into CRM platform. Our approach helps to improve overall process efficiencies and improved data quality while giving company stakeholders and investors real-time, automated performance reports.